All Right? Still Here - The Kaiapoi Portrait Project

"All Right? was very proud to support the latest work from Canterbury photographer, filmmaker and radio producer, Cosmo Kentish-Barnes.

Over the past few months Cosmo has been surveying the red zoned, earthquake damaged areas of Kaiapoi. This has motivated him to produce a series of photographs of exiled residents in front of their red stickered homes, or the empty sites where their houses once stood.

The juxtaposition of the residents, in front of their damaged properties, aims to communicate a sense of family unity against the odds, in this case the earthquakes. He was inspired by the formal approach 19th century New Zealand photographers where many family portraits also emphasised the importance of family unity rising above the hardships of the day.

The participants in this exhibition represent a cross section of a community who lost their homes, but not their spirits. Each portrait is accompanied by a first person account of life since the first earthquake struck." (

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9:56am 15th November 2017