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Tiny Adventures App Advertisement
Tiny Adventures App Advertisement
A PDF copy of an advertisement for the All Right? Tiny Adventures smartphone app. For more Tiny Adventures resources see the Parents and Whaanau collection:
All Right? App
All Right? App
The All Right app was launched in 2015 as a fun, easy-to-use tool that offers people daily 'mini missions', based on one of the five ways to wellbeing. As people complete missions, the app rewards them with positive feedback and hearts that reflect how much they've 'topped up' their wellbeing. The app is available worldwide, so can be accessed by both people living in Canterbury and those who moved away post-quake. As well as tracking it's popularity and usage, All Right? uses the app to assess how people's mental health and wellbeing is changing over time.
"Being proactive about our wellbeing can give us a real boost, even when times are stressful. While there’s no magic wand or bullet to ensure good mental health and wellbeing, research shows that taking a few simple steps to care for ourselves each day can help us feel good and cope better with the challenges life throws at us."
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