Canterbury Migrants Centre

This collection contains newsletters and a Lessons Learned document from the Canterbury Migrants Centre.

Canterbury Migrants Centre Trust Te Whare Tā Wāhi was established in 2010 to fill a void in the Christchurch city's services. Its main roles are to co-ordinate services and to help migrants settle into life in Christchurch.

The Migrants Centre runs the Canterbury Migrant Hub ( - a platform for networking on integration, providing information on settlement matters, health, community groups’ support, education, and other useful information presented in several languages.

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Christchurch Migrant Inter-Agency Group - Lessons Learned
Christchurch Migrant Inter-Agency Group - Lessons Learned
A PDF document which discusses the ˜lessons learned by the Christchurch Migrant Inter-Agency group after the 22 February 2011 earthquake. The group was set up to support migrants and refugees following the February 22 earthquake in 2011, and has now been dis-established. However, the Christchurch Migrant Centre continues to co-ordinate services and help migrants settle into life in Christchurch. The purpose of the report is to provide a record of key events and responses of the group in the immediate aftermath of the February 22 earthquake, and to offer some candid discussion and insight with respect to their success or otherwise.
Canterbury Migrants Centre Newsletters
Canterbury Migrants Centre Newsletters
This collection contains PDF copies of the online newsletter, Migrants Down Under, published by the Canterbury Migrants Centre. Please note, newsletters were not published for every month, and some newsletters are missing.
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