We Lived Here

'We Lived Here' was a collaborative project between photographer Juliet Nicholas and writer Fiona Farrell. The project aimed to record the experiences of residents from the Avon Loop whose land was zoned Red after the 22 February 2011 earthquakes and houses were demolished. Interviews were conducted with the residents and their homes were documented through photography.

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We Lived Here: eBook
We Lived Here: eBook
Juliet Nicholas and Fiona Farrell's book, We Lived Here: Six stories from the Avon Loop. Interviews collected and edited by Fiona Farrell. Photographs by Juliet Nicholas.
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We Lived Here: Photographs
We Lived Here: Photographs
A collection of photographs taken by Juliet Nicholas for the 'We Lived Here' project. The photographs document many of the red-zoned houses in the Avon Loop, their demolition, and the post-demolition sites.
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