The Pledge

The Pledge was a project led by Christchurch lawyer, Garth Gallaway, in collaboration with Rainbow Print, Spicers Paper, Newstalk ZB, Cover to Cover, adgraphix, iSite and The Press. Books were made available in locations around Canterbury for six weeks from 22 March 2011, exactly one month after the 22 February 2011 earthquake. People could sign the books to pledge their commitment to Canterbury and the rebuild of Christchurch. For more information about The Pledge, visit This collection holds a digital copy of the books, created with the help of New Zealand Micrographic Services. Signatures and addresses, where present, have been removed in order to protect individuals' privacy.

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The Pledge, Book 1
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The Pledge, Book 2
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The Pledge, Book 3
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The Pledge, Book 6
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The Pledge, Book 7
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The Pledge, Book 8
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