Fairfax Media Collection

Fairfax Media is the largest integrated metropolitan, rural and regional, magazine and digital media company in New Zealand. Its print and digital publications touch New Zealanders the length and breadth of the country every day.
The Fairfax Media collections aim to preserve and make available earthquake-related material gathered by their team.
Fairfax Media and UC CEISMIC are working in partnership to add to these collections and record the ongoing recovery and rebuild of Christchurch.

Last updated
5:03pm 24th October 2017

Contains 8,554 items in 5 collections

Fairfax Media Infographics
Contains 1,341 items in 28 collections
Fairfax Media Newspapers
Contains 1,377 items in 9 collections
Fairfax Media Photographs
Contains 5,193 items in 8 collections
Fairfax Media Videos
Contains 345 items in 44 collections