SmartNet Seismics and the City

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SmartNet Seismics and the City

Since 1997 SmartNet has connected key business people, researchers, educators and policy makers in order to better tap the talents of New Zealanders in the pursuit of new local and global opportunities. Through short live and online events SmartNet links knowledge generators and innovators with entrepreneurs and policy makers. It promotes knowledge sharing and networking with purpose across old boundaries.

Seismics and the City is an annual one-day forum about organisational behaviour in the face of disaster, disruption or major challenge. The first event was run in March 2012.

The forums provide information, insights and inspiration as well as opportunities for feedback and input as Christchurch recovers from the destructive series of earthquakes from September 2010.

For more information please visit SmartNet Events at or phone (+64) (3) 3228293.