Gap Filler Project 09: As Far as Eye Can See

"As Far as Eye Can See" was a gallery sized crochet artwork, displayed at The Colombo shopping centre. It consisted of an eye made out of crochet, created by 22 Adelaide women who wanted to refocus the attention onto post-earthquake Christchurch. Gap Filler also commissioned artist Briar Cook to work with the community and create a companion artwork, a collection of small mandala-like objects woven from the materials that were ubiquitous during the rebuilding of the city: tarpaulins, high visibility fabrics and industrial work-wear. These mandalas were displayed alongside the crocheted eye. Christchurch businesses and the wider community were invited to bid in an online auction to purchase the artwork. The plan was to use the money raised by the artwork to help Gap Filler with other projects.

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3:23pm 25th January 2018