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The Community Collection brings together material from a wide variety of organisations and individuals. It includes photographs and writing from members of the public, as well as video and audio captured live at the time of the earthquakes.

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The Space Between Words
The Space Between Words
'The Space Between Words' is a photojournalism exhibition created by artist Guy Frederick. It examines the journeys of Cantabrians and their responses to the Canterbury earthquakes through portraits and interviews. Frederick created the exhibition during his time as the Fellow of the NZ Mental Health Media Grant in 2011. It exhibited at the National Library of NZ in Wellington for seven months, in Auckland as part of the Festival of Photography, and in Christchurch by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA). In August 2013, the project was the recipient of an Australasian Mental Health Services award for Mental Health Promotion. Frederick said of the exhibition: "It was the perfect opportunity to investigate an area of personal intrigue. I had my own experience, perception, thoughts and response to the quakes – but I was only one in a city of thousands. What were the rest of the community going through and how were they dealing with it?"
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We Lived Here
We Lived Here
'We Lived Here' was a collaborative project between photographer Juliet Nicholas and writer Fiona Farrell. The project aimed to record the experiences of residents from the Avon Loop whose land was zoned Red after the 22 February 2011 earthquakes and houses were demolished. Interviews were conducted with the residents and their homes were documented through photography.
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