Peak Performance Coaching at SCIRT

An integral enabler of SCIRT's capability and culture was the use of peak performance coaches.
SCIRT's first Peak Performance Plan identified a primary aim of "delivering high performance and resilience in an environment of uncertainty". To facilitate this, its secondary objective was to introduce New Zealand-based coaching to the civil construction industry.
Prior to SCIRT, there were no New Zealand-based executive-level coaches in existence who had alliance experience. SCIRT's aim was to change this situation.
Over five and a half years, SCIRT engaged more than eight coaching organisations in its peak performance activities. Key ones were (in alphabetical order): Alchimie, CareerBalance, Creative Spirit, Elevate Coaching, JMW, Leadership Lab, Moira Mallon Ltd, and Vital Futures. This is unusual in alliance coaching as usually one supplier provides all coaching throughout the project duration.
To read more about SCIRT's approach to peak performance and lessons learnt, please refer to the documents below.

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Peak performance coaching at SCIRT
Peak performance coaching at SCIRT
A document which outlines SCIRT's use of peak performance coaches.
Peak performance coaching booklet
Peak performance coaching booklet
A booklet which describes SCIRT's reasons for using peak performance coaches, and introduces each coach.