Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

ECI centred on early engagement between multiple parties - asset owners, designers and constructors - covering scope, cost-effective outcomes and best practice and maximum value processes.
By improving transparency, reducing risk and sharing responsibility, ECI powered productivity gains and cut costs. It helped ensure efficient design and planning via a more effectual approach, resulting in a streamlined work process.
Providing "constructability" advice to designers; being involved in project risk assessment and management; and evaluating the project methodology and schedule to inform the project design, target out-turn cost (TOC) development and planning were all part of the ECI collaborative delivery process.
At every stage, ECI highlighted a "best for project" approach, including the contractor at the point where the most value could be extracted.
ECI measured risk mitigation while securing value for money. It provided constructor input during the design phase, ensuring issues and potential risks were identified and rectified.
Glossary terms

  • target out-turn cost (TOC)

  • Integrated Services Team (IST)

  • bill of quantities (BoQ)

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