Mike Gibbs's memories from the 2000s

Mike says, "Although only officially elected for the 2002 year, I got involved with UCSA Exec when Emma Fergusson resigned half way thru the year, my friend Serena Sii (an exec member in 2001 and still friends today) and I who hung around together suggested I help out, as I would often meet her up in the Exec offices, she did not stand in 2002 from what I can remember but did help me, in effect I took her position, although she never had the equity portfolio, In 2001 I was often just treated as one of the gang, so when I left the University in 2003, it did feel like Id been on the UCSA for 2 years.
"No doubt over the next 2 years, we will have other opportunities to touch base, with Memories or when the new building and facilities is opened."

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