Independent Research Informs Communications and Engagement

Independent research underpinned SCIRT's communications programme, providing insights into the public's perception of its work and identifying areas for improvement. The research was used to measure and drive performance against ambitious targets for SCIRT's Customer Satisfaction Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). On average, SCIRT achieved satisfaction scores of 80 per cent, the highest of any rebuild organisation.
In November 2011, SCIRT established a research programme that would be used for the next five years to measure and guide its performance in the eyes of the community.
The Objectives of the SCIRT Alliance Agreement made a commitment to respecting Christchurch people's need for open, proactive communications and high levels of customer service.
SCIRT recognised the rebuild would involve extensive disruption to people's daily lives, and the public's support would be essential to its ability to get the job done.
The research programme consisted of:

  • A telephone survey of a representative sample of the wider Christchurch community, conducted six monthly.

  • A face-to-face survey of 400 - 600 residents and business owners in areas where SCIRT was working, conducted four monthly.

For more detail on the areas covered in each survey, refer to the questionnaires below.

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