Developing a Civil Trade Qualification

SCIRT's Training Centre worked closely with Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ), Connexis (the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the Civil Infrastructure industry) and other industry leaders to develop a Civil Trade certification.
At the time of the Canterbury earthquakes the civil infrastructure industry did not have an industry-wide, transferable trade qualification, unlike the plumbing, building and electrical industries.
SCIRT recruited a Project Manager who was seconded to Connexis, The Project Manager and Connexis worked closely with CCNZ and mobilised the SCIRT Board's experience, advice and input to develop an apprenticeship system and a civil trade certification.
In December 2015 the Civil Trade Certification was launched in Parliament's Grand Hall. 15 people from throughout New Zealand were awarded a trade certification, having been through the Record of Current Competency (RCC) process that SCIRT helped Connexis to develop. Of this group, four had worked for SCIRT.
Glossary terms:

  • Industry Training Organisation (ITO)

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