All Right? Out and About with All Right: Summerz End Youth Festival

Summerz End Youth Fest (SEYF) was established by the Canterbury Refugee Council on the 5th of April 2014, the concept of Zhiyan Basharati, Youth Coordinator and the Spokesperson of the Council. The festival is led by a team of passionate and visionary young Cantabrians dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all youth with the aim of bridging the gap between youth from all walks of life and our communities. SEYF identified six priority areas for action namely in Health, Education, Environment, Sports, Technology and Community Engagement. SEYF project activities are formed under these six key areas, which are critical in creating an inclusive environment for youth to connect and gain a sense of belonging regardless of cultural, ethnic or religious affiliations.

SEYF initiative requires a multi-sectorial, ethnic and cross-cultural collaboration and this is reflected in the diversity of the organizing committee. Comprising 60 members, with 20 key personnel from a diverse range of groups- ranging from the Canterbury Refugee Council, the Nigerian Canterbury Association of New Zealand, the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, the Christchurch Youth Council, the YMCA, Law for Change, the Court Theatre Youth Company, the Canterbury Indonesian Society, the New Zealand National Refugee Youth Council and other community youth leaders.

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