SCIRT Management Plans

A set of Management Plans were developed during SCIRT's lifetime to intentionally guide the organisation. These plans were reviewed annually and updated as required. SCIRT's Programme Management Plan was the overarching plan that listed all the other plans and provided an overview of their contents.
The latest versions of the plans are attached below.
The Initial Alliance Agreement requested an Alliance Management Plan and a minimum of 10 supporting management and operational plans be developed prior to the start of SCIRT:

  1. Quality Plan

  2. Health and Safety Plan

  3. Environmental Plan

  4. Communications and Consultation Plan

  5. Transition Plan

  6. Work Packaging and Delivery Strategy Plan

  7. Procurement Plan

  8. Finance and Administration Plan

  9. Human Resources Plan

  10. Social Impact Plan

Additional plans were subsequently requested under the Alliance Agreement, so in September 2011 the first Management Plan Set was comprised of an overarching Programme Management Plan and 23 supporting plans:
  1. Administration Plan

  2. Asset Investigation Plan

  3. Construction Plan

  4. Design Plan

  5. Emergency Response Plan

  6. Environmental Plan

  7. Estimating Plan

  8. Financial Plan

  9. Health and Safety Plan

  10. Horizontal Infrastructure Rebuild Strategy Plan

  11. Human Resources Plan

  12. IRMO to SCIRT Plan

  13. KRA Plan

  14. Peak Performance Plan

  15. Procurement Plan

  16. Project Prioritisation Plan

  17. Quality Plan

  18. Risk Plan

  19. Schedule Plan

  20. Scope Plan

  21. Stakeholder Plan

  22. Utilities Plan

  23. Value Plan

Six additional plans were subsequently created as needs arose:
  1. The Internal Communication Plan was created in January 2013 in response to the difficulties encountered with communicating to a "virtual" organisation comprised of more than 50 different companies.

  2. The Central City Delivery Plan originated in December 2013 in order to mitigate the issues and risks associated with the infrastructure rebuild within the Central Business District (CBD).

  3. The Crisis Plan was developed in January 2014 to outline the communication response in the event of a major incident.

  4. The Fraud Response Plan was extracted from the Financial Plan and created in August 2014 as a standalone item to outline how to manage suspected fraud.

  5. The Close Down Activities Plan was written in June 2016 to document the wind up process.

  6. The Learning Legacy Plan was created in June 2016 to document the process of identifying and sharing learnings from the establishment and operation of SCIRT.

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