Pipe Damage Assessment Tool (PDAT)

A pipe damage assessment tool (PDAT) was developed to give a risk based prediction of pipe condition to avoid the need for a CCTV survey of every pipe in the city.
With more than 2,500 km of storm water and wastewater pipes needing to be assessed for damage before design work could start, SCIRT needed to develop a fast, cost-effective way of determining pipe damage, without having to Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) survey every pipe.
SCIRT's Asset Assessment and GIS teams developed a pipe damage assessment tool (PDAT) that predicted the structural condition of pipes that were not CCTV surveyed.
The PDAT used a range of key damage indicators to predict pipe damage, including CCTV completed on other pipes in the area, pipe material and age and land damage indicators.
SCIRT found the PDAT accurately predicted the conclusions of a CCTV survey for 75% to 95% of the pipes in a catchment network based on CCTV samples of 5% to 30% of the total network.
Glossary terms:

  • CCTV: Closed-circuit Television

  • PDAT: Pipe Damage Assessment Tool

  • RAMM: Road Assessment and Maintenance Management (software)

  • LPI: Liquefaction Potential Index (assesses the damage potential of liquefaction)
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