Construction Management Plan

A suite of 31 management plans were developed under the Interim Alliance Agreement prior to the start of SCIRT, to intentionally guide the organisation. These plans were reviewed annually and updated as required.
The Construction Management Plan details how SCIRT managed its construction work and ensured a consistent best practice approach across the approximately 700 projects in the rebuild programme.
The construction objectives were consistent with the Alliance Agreement objectives and included:

  • Lifting the zero harm performance of all alliance participants to industry best practice in New Zealand.

  • Protecting the environment and reducing health hazards.

  • Doing the right thing right, at the right time to the right standard every time.

  • Providing value for money.

  • Using innovation to add value for both the rebuild work and the wider industry.

  • Maintaining high levels of customer service and an open and honest dialogue with all residents and affected businesses.

  • Effectively coordinating with others doing rebuild work.

  • Lifting the capability of the sector-wide workforce.

  • Maintaining a sustainable Christchurch infrastructure sector market condition.

To enable the achievement of these objectives, SCIRT:
  • Implemented city-wide programme requirements against defined indicators, results and objectives, and detailed planning input criteria, to achieve "best value" for the asset owners.

  • Ensured that the programme was managed through effective contingency planning, risk management and regular coordination, and accurate.

  • Coordinated the Delivery Teams to ensure that critical resources (labour, materials and plant) were deployed effectively on a priority "Best for the People of Christchurch" basis.

  • Provided effective community and stakeholder management to ensure there was a "no surprises" approach and that all parties were satisfied with the project outcomes on completion.

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