Hamish Allan's Paintings

A collection of paintings created by artist Hamish Allan. Allan has the following to say about this collection:
These eight paintings were completed after the 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes and during the countless aftershocks. Myself and my family lived and worked through this period and these paintings reflect my immediate and wider environment and my response to the social and physical environs.
My studio and home was only damaged moderately so I was able to continue to produce work and exhibit work in local exhibitions which occurred despite and in response to the devastation.
All of the building featured are demolished or are to be demolished. Shipping containers, road cones and heavy machinery appeared overnight and quickly overwhelmed the city and became part of the new landscape.
Sections were cleared of houses and in some cases the fences and gardens were left and maintained by the locals or owners which emphasised the uninhabited, vacant areas of the city.
Flora and fauna flourished while Christchurch embarked on the rebuild. People suffered, people left, people stayed.
As I write this five years on I am still living and working from the same property and am heartened and encouraged to see the city continue to revive, rebuild and blossom around me and my community remains healthy and emboldened by a sense of shared experience, achievement, and loss, with much to accomplish and to look forward to.

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