The Hope Bear and Giraffing Around

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'The Hope Bear and Giraffing Around'. The project description reads, "'Giraffing Around' is the second drawing from my 'Creature Collective' series, following on from 'The Hope Bear'. The reason I originally drew a bear when I arrived back in New Zealand was because it represented bravery, strength and protection and simply because he came out so hopeful and huggable. I felt it was exactly what Christchurch needed in a public space. Like 'The Hope Bear', the giraffe also represents protection but he is also looking forward to the future with determination. I believe that Christchurch really needs some colour at the moment because the city seems so grey and there are so many blank wall canvases. We have the potential to evolve into a unique, vibrant and creative city. I feel that the unusual projects that have spurred from such devastation are important for Christchurch to grow from, not just as temporary spaces, but as part of the new city. I hope my murals help the community to reconnect with the central city again by contributing to a new environment unique to Christchurch's identity. (Tess Sheerin)".

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12:30pm 20th November 2017