Community Hub - Sumner

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'Community Hub - Sumner'. The project description reads:

For the first few weeks after the February earthquake, there were few signs of an official reaction to the disaster on the ground. Realising that the authorities were occupied with the destruction of the Christchurch CBD, the residents of Sumner commandeered the 'old' school hall at Sumner Primary school – which had been scheduled to be demolished, but survived the quake without damage – and set up a community information and disaster coordination centre.The Sumner Community Hub provided information, distributed supplies and ran volunteer classes for local children for nearly a month. On 15 March 2011, a public meeting was held, inviting members of the community to join special interest sub-groups to get involved in rebuilding Sumner. Various sub groups were formed as on the Umbrella Diagram: a loose coalition of local people who believe that their community can overcome the destruction of February 2011 and become better, stronger, and more sustainable than before.

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