I Seem to Have Temporarily Misplaced My Sense of Humour

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'I Seem to Have Temporarily Misplaced My Sense of Humour'. The project description reads:

'I seem to have temporarily misplaced by sense of humour...' is by New Zealand artist Wayne Youle and is a collaboration between Gap Filler and The Christchurch Art Gallery.The giant artwork took shape over a few weeks in December, 2011 with scissor lifts, hundreds of litres of paint, stencils galore, technicians and more working whenever the weather was good! The mural is 37m long and according to Art News (Summer) quite possibly New Zealand's largest painting.Inspired by memories of his grandfather's workshop, Wayne has designed a huge shadowboard like those found in sheds and garages everywhere. Alongside hammers and other tools, Wayne's board contains some familiar but unexpected things - like houses, toys and wedding rings. Wayne says: 'This mural is for all those who lent their tools and their hands to all who needed help. Also to all those that lost something in the quakes, no matter what that something may have been. Don't lose your sense of humour and ability to smile.'

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12:26pm 20th November 2017