On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer'. The project description reads, "Michael Parekowhai's spectacular Venice Biennale installation came to Christchurch for its first post-Biennale showing in New Zealand. Original plans to site the work at Christchurch Art Gallery were revised following the earthquake and instead it was located at the Gallery's temporary off-site space in Madras Street. A richly carved red Steinway piano was played throughout the exhibition in a room overlooking the inner-city red zone, while on the vacant ground below two bronze grand pianos, each supporting a life-sized cast bull, took their place amongst the earthquake debris. A second black piano was used for duets on special occasions throughout the duration of the show, and acted as a plinth for five small bronze casts of olive trees when not in use".

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12:26pm 20th November 2017