Here are the People and There is the Steeple

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'Here are the People and There is the Steeple'. The project description reads, "Kay Rosen's 'Here are the people and there is the steeple' is a mural project for the Gallery's east rear wall, inspired by the shape of the wall, by the words 'people' and 'steeple', by the recent and past history of the city, and by the children's finger game. The architecture of the space and the words make it possible to erect a vertical heaven-bound 'steeple' on top of a horizontal earthbound 'people', enabling a verbal metaphor which culminates in a three-deep pinnacle made of Es. The work hopes to send a large-scale message about rebuilding a city by, and upon the foundation of, its people".

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12:26pm 20th November 2017