Meet Me on the Other Side

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'Meet Me on the Other Side'. The project description reads, "'With its origins in objects salvaged from Julia Morison’s earthquake- and liquefaction-damaged Peterborough Street studio, ‘Meet me on the other side’ was first exhibited at Two Rooms Gallery in Auckland late 2011. They are the leftovers of distant, explicable lives; the cage that held the bird, the pitchfork that tossed the hay, the ironing board on which the clothes were pressed. Now, in this room, with its strange Red Zone outlook of scars and subtractions, they try on new identities. Clamped, trapped, netted and suspended, they are stacked up in provisional arrangements against the silt-thickened tide. The graceless sludge that once seeped through them, relentless in its material trespasses, has redefined and transformed them – they are playthings, monsters, mischievous changelings. Nothings and somethings; odds and ends; endings and beginnings.' -Felicity Milburn".

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12:26pm 20th November 2017