Occupy Otautahi-Christchurch

Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'Occupy Otautahi-Christchurch'. The project description reads, "A local manifestation of the global protest process that swept through many major cities of the world starting on 15 October 2011, calling for economic and therefore social justice in the face of increasing global financial collapse brought about by institutionalised greed and corruption globally and therefore, of course, locally. It had its 'official' beginning with what became known as Occupy Wall St in NYC, USA a month earlier, and was directly inspired by what has been called the 'Arab Spring' throughout the Arab world. Having no central city to 'Occupy' due to the earthquake, Occupy Otautahi- Christchurch chose a slightly less 'in the public eye' location, which meant it became the last Aotearoa NZ Occupy camp still standing six months later".

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12:25pm 20th November 2017