Material relating to a Transitional Cities project, titled 'LUXCITY'. The project description reads:

LUXCITY, the opening event for the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA), was a city made from light for one night. Over 350 architecture and design students from across New Zealand designed and constructed 16 installations that used light to create spaces for pop-up functions: bars, cafes, live music venues, an all-ages youth venue, a night market and a fashion installation. The whole of Christchurch was invited to return to the currently vacant city centre October 20th to enjoy and experience this unique urban atmosphere. Between 20-30,000 people turned up to the first major event in the central city since the February earthquake.The designs used light in conjunction with large-scale demolition machinery to create structures that were ephemeral and dealt with the vastness of the urban scale. LUXCITY addressed the potential of transitional projects to stimulate collaboration, explore a range of architectural possibilities, and regenerate the central city, and created excitement and hope for the city's burgeoning recovery.

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