Jennifer Middendorf's Blog: Diary of a Kiwi Bookcrosser

Entries from Jennifer Middendorf's blog, "Diary of a Kiwi Bookcrosser: Littering with intent to cause libraries" ( Jennifer lives in Burnside, and at the time of the earthquakes was the administrator for the English Department at the University of Canterbury. She writes, "My blog is mainly written for the benefit of friends and family scattered around the world, and its focus is very much on the trivial - cats and crafts feature strongly. But, as for everyone in Christchurch, the earthquakes for a long time were at the centre of my consciousness, and my blog entries reflect that." Note that the blog posts have been converted to PDF format for archiving, which has in some cases resulted in changes to the formatting and layout of the page. Some images and other elements have been removed for display or copyright reasons. Additional pages from have been appended to some posts, where entries were cross-posted to both blogging sites.

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7:36am 31st October 2017