UC Lifelines Week 2013: Interdependencies of Lifeline Systems

"Interdependencies of Lifeline Systems" was a learning forum held as part of the 2013 Lifelines Week. It was held on 2 December 2013 in the NZi3 Building at the University of Canterbury. The objectives of the forum were: to gain insights into current and planned activities of TCLEE's "Lifeline Systems Interdependencies Committee"; to gain insights into the European Commission research project, Syner-G, "System Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Analysis for Buildings, Lifeline Networks and Infrastructures Safety Gain"; to discuss relevant research projects and activities in New Zealand; to discuss potential collaboration and synergies both nationally and internationally; and to hear from utility and asset managers on interdependency issues that were highlighted by the Canterbury earthquakes, during the emergency phase and the short and long-term recovery phases.

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