HIT Lab NZ CityViewAR

This collection was put together by the UC CEISMIC programme office, and includes visual and written histories of buildings in the Christchurch city centre. The material collected was used by HIT Lab NZ for their web and mobile application, CityViewAR. HIT Lab NZ, or Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand, integrates research and education, providing students with a project-based learning environment.

CityViewAR is a HIT Lab NZ project, and allows users to see virtual buildings overlaid on the real world in an augmented reality web application. It can be used to visualise reconstructed buildings, and show other related information and images on site. The images and research in this collection were gathered from a variety of sources, include the NZ Historic Places Trust, the Christchurch City Council and the National Library of New Zealand. The aim of the collection is to expand coverage of the Christchurch inner city and significant heritage buildings.

Last updated
4:25pm 25th October 2017

Contains 132 items in 31 collections

190-192 Hereford Street
Contains 4 items
194-196 Manchester Street
Contains 4 items
2 Cathedral Square
Contains 4 items
202-204 Madras Street
Contains 2 items
208 Hereford Street
Contains 4 items
214 Tuam Street
Contains 4 items
222 High Street
Contains 3 items
233 Cambridge Terrace
Contains 2 items
243-245 Madras Street
Contains 3 items
280 High Street
Contains 5 items
32 Cathedral Square
Contains 6 items
335 Durham Street
Contains 4 items