Sue Davidson's Blog: Mural Madness in Brighton

Entries from Sue Davidson's blog, "Mural Madness in Brighton" ( Sue writes, "Brighton is a beautiful seaside suburb in Christchurch, New Zealand which has been severely hit by the earthquakes that have haunted Christchurch over the last couple of years. Many buildings in its main shopping mall are due to come down as they are structurally unsound. As a result, there are many bare walls and vacant lots. Mural Madness was launched on Saturday 3 November 2012, by Lianne Dalziel, MP. The intention being to beautify Brighton with magnificent murals. Artists from all over the world have participated and contributed, making Brighton an interesting artistic venue. The work continues...This blog follows the evolution of Mural Madness in Brighton."

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1:04pm 11th December 2017