Deb Robertson's Blog: Works in Progress

Entries from Deb Robertson's blog, "Works in Progress" ( Deb writes, "I am a mad multi-tasker with many balls in the air! I've been married to David for 20+ years and we have four children, Chrissy 20, James 17, Reuben 11 and Annie-Rose 4. I feed and do laundry and keep the household running. I sew, I knit and I like embroidery. I'm studying Sociology at Canterbury University. It's busy and it's mostly fun and I am never bored!" Note that the blog posts have been converted to PDF format for archiving, which has in some cases resulted in changes to the formatting and layout of the page. Some images and other elements have been removed for display or copyright reasons.

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7:39am 31st October 2017