Silkannthreades: About the little things in life

Entries from Gallivanta's blog, "Silkannthreades: About the little things in life" ( Gallivanta writes, "This blog has three main purposes: to communicate our daily life to our family all over the world; to explore the theme of Joy & Woe as expressed by William Blake in Auguries of Innocence; to counterbalance the woe caused by the four large earthquakes and the 12,500 after shocks (to date) our city has experienced since the first big shake on September 4, 2010. (The earthquakes destroyed the centre of the city and damaged many many other properties in the suburbs. Although the big things have changed and continue to change, the little things prevail and bring joy.)" Gallivanta is an alumna of the University of Canterbury, graduating in 1978 with a BA in French and German. Note that the blog posts have been converted to PDF format for archiving, which may have resulted in changes to the formatting and layout of the pages.

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