Ruth Gardner's Blog: Ruth's Reflections

Entries from Ruth Gardner's blog, "Ruth's Reflections: Observations on life in inner city Christchurch and elsewhere" ( Ruth writes, "After the earthquake on Tuesday 22 February 2011 our cottage was within the Red Zone and behind a military cordon for fifty days. Our lifestyle has changed completely and my blog documents that change. Previously our paid work, shops, and many entertainment options were within easy walking distance. Now we need to take a car to find almost any of these things. One positive outcome from the quakes is that we have adopted a refugee cat, Bentley, who provides good company, and comfort when the earth shakes." Note that the blog posts have been converted to PDF format for archiving, which has in some cases resulted in changes to the formatting and layout of the page. Some images and other elements have been removed for display or copyright reasons.

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