Mark Lincoln's Earthquake Photographs

Photographs of the earthquake damage around Christchurch, taken by Mark Lincoln. The photographer comments "Unfortunately not all of the photographs are particularly professional! Most of the time I was using a ... point and shoot which I actually ended up filling with silt - another casualty of the quake! I was also using a smaller photo size for a lot of the early photos as I had no power at home so couldn't transfer the photos off the SD card."

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Mark Lincoln Photograph 205
Mark Lincoln Photograph 205
A partially deconstructed house in Bexley. The roof cladding and parts of the wall cladding have been removed. The photographer comments, "Today I took a drive around the residential area between Bexley and New Brighton. It was a stark reminder to be thankful for the situation we're in and perhaps not complain too much that our garden wall hasn't yet been rebuilt".