About the Beta

UC QuakeStudies is a long-term project that aims to service staff and students of the University of Canterbury, along with Canterbury and New Zealand government agencies, universities, businesses and communities, for decades to come. The archive was designed and built by the University of Canterbury Digital Humanities Programme and CWA/Learning Media. Although we went live with a robust, enterprise-scale digital object repository, there are many more plans for the archive. Aside from adding significant amounts of new content, we want to:

  • ensure the system performs well;
  • offer more ways to explore our content;
  • increase the range of content we can store;
  • improve the user interface;
  • add crowd-sourcing functions;
  • use high-performance computers to analyse and improve our collections and metadata;
  • increase access to our Application Programming Interface (API);
  • integrate with like-minded archives and projects across government, local government, and academia.

Because of this we're likely to stay in 'Beta' mode for some time. We'll keep adding content, and thinking about how we can use the system to support all the bright ideas floating around at the University of Canterbury and across the UC CEISMIC Programme.

UC QuakeStudies was built using Drupal 7 and Fedora Commons. If you have technical expertise, or some ideas for using or building more capability into QuakeStudies, contact james.smithies@canterbury.ac.nz.